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  • It has been a wonderful journey with One Window. They made my application process simple. Anurag sir is very welcoming and gives you proper advice. Sravanthi and Srikanth needs a special mention. Keep up the good work guys, all the best.

    Prahasan Gadugu
  • I had a journey of nearly one year with one window overseas education. They helped me a lot for getting admission in University, we all struggled a lot for selecting University according to budget, teaching language in University, accomodations, and especially for selecting the country.

    K. Satya Pavan Kiran
  • I’m from Thailand came into contact with One Window Overseas Education through the school counselor. Such a great experience I had with Team One Window. Team has immense knowledge and are very dedicated towards the service.  I strongly recommend this consultancy whoever interested in education abroad.

    Naeti Suwannapuek
  • One window overseas has many contacts with the US university counsellors. They really help the student get the admit. Especially works of anurag are tremendous. The best advisor i have ever got. One window overseas has a group of specialized experts.

    Sudarshan Narayanan


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    HOW TO OVERCOME HOMESICKNESS? Travelling abroad for your higher studies , work or travel could be a major change in your life. Coming from completely different culture ,environment ,society and going to completely brand new country or city could be a huge step. Homesickness is normal. It’s normal to miss your home , family, friends,...
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    IELTS Band Scores: How they are calculated IELTS band scores ranges from 0 to 9. Your IELTS band score might also be in.5 increments (for example 6.5,7.5). The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most common English language proficiency test in the world for higher education and international migration. IELTS Band Scores: How...
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    In a world where cut-throat competitions and reaching unrealistic cut-offs very much affect the quality of education, it will not be incorrect to say that the academic departments of the globe run on the philosophy of survival of the fittest. In such a circumstance, the introduction of fresh, unconventional, and innovative modes to seek education...
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    Australian universities have seen a rapid increase in applications from India in recent years, owing to its world-class education, multicultural environment, and post-study career options offered for overseas students. As a country, it attracts students from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Australia, like all other countries, has some of the world’s...
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    As Indian students, we’re often met with two questions that everyone seems to be dying to know the answer to – 1) why should I study abroad? 2) which country should I choose to study in? While these are both valid and important questions, it’s worth remembering that no matter where you choose to study...
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