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6 Steps to Choose a University

The first step towards an international education is to decide which country and which universities are your top choices. This decision can be made based on various parameters. Each parameter is important in its own way and will aid you in making an informed choice after intensive research.

Following are the things you need to consider before deciding which universities you want to apply to:


1. Choose The right course for yourself / give preference to the course more than university

The first step in choosing the right university is to decide what subject your interest lies in. you need to evaluate what your future goals are and which course/courses comply with meeting those goals. It is important to prioritize the course over college. This is imperative because what you study will be based on your interests and plans for your career. You cannot choose a college just because it is ranked high. You need to choose a college, which has an excellent department in your desired course. Eventually, the course will get you to your career path, not the college. Therefore, choose your course wisely and make sure your passion lies in what you choose to pursue.

2. Research the top universities offering the subject/course of your choice/university rankings

After deciding on your preferred course/ subjects you wish to study, it is time to research the top universities offering that course. Prepare a list based on your choice ranking each from 1st to last. Find out everything about the university and the course details of the selected course. Consider university rankings but don’t be fooled by rankings based on other courses. Check the rankings for each university based on the subject/ course you want to take up. Look for the universities that are best in the chosen field, no matter their size or rank overall. For example, A university may be ranked lower on the world’s top universities, but maybe among the best for a certain subject. You need to make sure you consider the rankings depending on the course. If a university is the best in a certain field, it is more important to consider that how it is placed on the world charts.

3. Evaluate the shortlisted universities based on the infrastructure, the course details

You will prepare a list of your top choices of universities you wish to apply to. Now you need to evaluate each university based on internal, minor details. You should find out more about the course details, the infrastructure, the location, the faculty, and the research being done in the university. Gather all the information you need to make an informed choice. Study the details of the course, the requirements for each university, the premises/campus structure. Read about the research the university is conducting and also see if any particular thing interests you. You can also connect with the alumni of the university or the course and find out further about the course and the college. This will give you inside knowledge about the university.

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4. Research about the demographics of the city where the university is located

The next step is to research the location of the university. If you need a city environment, then make sure you apply to universities located in cities. If you prefer a quieter and greener environment, then choose a university located in the countryside or outskirts. Research about the weather conditions in the country or city you decide to apply to. If you cannot live in certain harsh climate conditions, then make sure to eliminate those choices from your shortlisted universities. Eventually, you should be able to live comfortably wherever you go to study.

5. Cost, Scholarships and Financial Aid:

One of the most important things in choosing a college is the cost incurred. You should evaluate and examine the fees of each college and see if it is suitable for your pocket. Find out about the scholarship requirements and criteria and see if you can qualify for the same. There are various finance options available as well to get you through your education. You can consider these options and make a list of the colleges that offer your course and fit into your budget. While calculating the cost, you should not forget to include the cost of living in a particular city. This will help you know what to expect in terms of expenditure.

6. Living options available – Campus hostels/private accommodation

This step goes along with assessing the cost incurred. You should find out about your accommodation options: campus hostels or something private outside the campus. It should suit your preferences. If you cannot live with roommates then, it is preferred to live outside in private accommodation. If you don’t wish to travel every day for your classes, then you should opt for the campus hostels. The campus hostels also provide you an atmosphere full of activities and engagements. Decide what you are cut out for and make a wise choice considering your budget as well.

After considering all these factors, you will have a clear understanding of where you should go and why you made the choice. This is the best way to evaluate your options and make the correct decision about which university is best for you.



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