Well, everyone gets anxious and shiver starts running through the spine before writing any exam be it school/college level or international competitive exams. Exams could make your stress level go odd, which can stop you from performing your best.
Every year the difficulty of competitive exams increases and some of the students make it to the top and some don’t . Thus, it’s important to make a strategy before diving into any exam.


(IELTS) full form is International English Language Testing System. It’s a foreign based English proficiency test for applicants who want to study or work in abroad countries. To get admission in international universities you would need to crack IELTS exam , where English is a primary communication language.
The IELTS exam is divided into 4 categories :- Reading, writing, speaking, listening.
To check student’s abilities and command of language , one needs to crack all the 4 aspects of IELTS exam. IELTS band score is graded on the scale of 1-9.

Types of IELTS exam?

Two types of IELTS exams :- i) IELTS Academic
ii) IELTS General Training.
Speaking and listening sections are same for both of these tests, however, the content matter for the writing and reading sections are different depending on which test one takes. The writing , listening, and reading sections of the IELTS tests are completed on the same day of the test with no breaks between them. However, the Speaking section can be completed either a week before or after the other tests date.

IELTS Exam fees :- Rs. 15,500 for registration.

Writing format:-

i) There are 2 tasks in writing and both must be completed
ii) For this section will check your use of english language appropriately.
Time for writing format :– 60 mins

Reading format :-
i) It consists of 40 questions , made to test your reading skills.
ii) There will be 3 reading passages given to you.

Time for reading format :- 60 mins

Listening format :-

i) There are 4 parts with 10 questions each .
ii) You will listen to 4 audio recordings of native english speakers.

Time for listening section :- approx 30 mins

Speaking format:-

i) The speaking test is taken oral between the examiner and the test taker’s.
ii) There are three parts to the test and each part fulfils a specific function

Time for speaking section :- 11-14 mins

IELTS exam date(2022):-

The IELTS test is available multiple times throughout the whole year. Book an IELTS exam date 2022 it is more convenient to them, keeping in mind about your university admission timeline according to that book your slots. Exam takers who are likely to appear for the IELTS are suggested to choose an exam date 3-4 months before their application deadline, to avoid any last-minute rush or error. The IELTS exam is taken across various major cities in India.


The full form of (TOEFL) is Test of English as a Foreign Language. It Is a foreign based english proficiency. This test is taken to check english language ability of non-native speakers .
It assesses your ability to both speak and understand English by measuring your English ability through these 4 sections :- reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Types of TOEFL exam?

There are 3 types of TOEFL exam :-

1. TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) :- This type of test is most preferred mode of the exam and it represents more than 98% of the TOEFL tests given worldwide.
2. TOEFL Test on Paper :- The type of test has been re-launched keeping the pandemic and student safety In mind.
3. TOEFL Home Edition :- This type of test is the TOEFL iBT test that is conducted from the safety of the home with a proctor to supervise during the entire time of the TOEFL test.

TOEFL exam fees in india:- US $190


Writing format:-
i) The writing section is divided into 2 tasks:- integrated and indepent
ii) Task 1- you will need to read a short passage, listen to short lecture and write accordingly(20mins)
iii) Task 2- you will need to write an essay based on personal experience or opinions on given topic.(30mins)

Reading format:-

i) Consists of questions based on 3-4 passages.
ii) You have 54-70 mins to answer all the questions in the section.
iii) Passages will be mostly based on academic topics.
iv) material that might be found in an UG university textbooks.

Listening format:-

i) Based on to measure to understand conversations and lectures in english
ii) You’ll get to hear 3-4 class room based conversations and lectures in english.
iii) You can take notes of the audio to help you answer the questions easily.
iv) You will have 41-57 minutes to complete this section

Speaking format:-

i) Based on to measure your ability to speak fluently and effectively .
ii) There four questions based on real-life situations you might witness in and outside classroom.
iii) Question 1- independent task- requires you to speak completely based on your ideas,opinions and experiences.
iv) Question 2-4 – integrated tasks – require you to collab your English-language skills like listening and speaking, or listening, reading and speaking all together.
v) You will have 17 mins to complete this section

TOEFL Exam date (2022)

The TOEFL exam is held multiple times in a year across different ETS TOEFL test centres. If you are taking the TOEFL exam you should be ready at least a month before your first application deadline. It will give you lot of time to work for your applications, and just in case you need to re-write the exam you can do it after three days of the first attempt. So, if the deadline for your application is october, you should take the TOEFL exam by september. If you feel like retaking the TOEFL, you can take it in the latter half of September again.


5 tips for writing section :-

1) Build up a strong vocabulary:- vocabulary is a basic of every language. Writing test requires a strong vocabulary . it is not necessary to use heavy or bombastic vocabulary but also, it shouldn’t be more commonly used.

2) Avoid making errors :- Making grammatical errors could be your major loss. It shows your low knowledge in english language. Focus on using right phrases and tenses while writing. Minor errors are okay but major errors can make your band score drop.

3) Practice:- Practice writing on your own everyday. Pick a topic- set a timer of 60mins- write- ask your friend or teacher with good english knowledge to analyze it. The more the practice the better the results.

4) Read books:- Read as many books as you can, know how to frame sentences. Reading books can be very beneficial to help you with using accurate vocabulary.

5) Time management :- if you are one of them who is a slow writer or doesn’t have a proper time management and end up loosing high score questions.

5 tips for reading section:-

1)Read books,newspapers, articles, magazines:- because most of the reading passages will be given through these sources. It’s important to know the depth of your pronunciations of words . read aloud while you are reading.

2)Watch english news, series and movies :- watching and listening could help you with your pronunciation and framing of words. Doing this on a regular basis will make you familiar with the accent and pronunciations, giving you a better idea of the native usage of words.

3)Practice pronouncing difficult words and passages:- don’t limit yourself to read basic words or passages. Take note of words which are to pronouncing , listen on google it’s pronounce and make a note of it and practice it.

4)Focus on relevant information:- it’s not necessary to understand every word or sentence in the passage, Focus on the relevant information and important details to answer the questions.

5)Skimming & other Reading Techniques :- learn various reading techniques like skimming, speed reading, scanning etc can help you in building effective reading techniques.

5 tips for listening section

1)Listen to english podcasts , news, documentary :- build your listening skills by watching and listening to english podcasts,news,etc. This could help you polishing your hearing abilities.

2)Listen to mock audio clips:- start listening to mock audio clips both in American and british accent. It could help you with understanding the accents and words clearly during the exam.

3)Meditation:- practice meditation to boost your concentration level. It’s important to stay focused while listening to audio clips.

4)Focus on minor details:- be careful while listening to audio clips , especially during the introduction, because introduction contains all the small and minor but the most important details and information about the situation and characters.

5)Pay special attention to keywords:- as the audio clip will be played only once , pay attention to keywords, as you read the questions, underline the keywords, and try to predict the context of the recordings – who will be speaking, what the speech will be about.

5 tips for speaking section

1)Develop a habit to speak in english :- start speaking in english . it will help you to speak fluently and improve vocabulary as you speak. If you speak regularly in english with your friends and family it will also improve your fluency and confidence in the language.

2)Build your concentration level:- start building your concentration level by meditating, paying attention to detail, developing listening skills.

3)Involve in the conversation:- involve yourself in the conversation. And focus on the questions by keeping your ears wide open.

4)Be easy:- don’t apply too much pressure while speaking, be calm and casual. Speak as if you are a native english speaker.

5)Work on your vocabulary:- work on your vocabulary and grammar thoroughly . it’s important to know what you speak and how you speak. Use correct words and grammar while speaking.

Official Reference link for IELTS:-

Official reference link for TOEFL:-

While you are here, check out how IELTS band scores are calculated.

IELTS Band Scores : How are they Calculated

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