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The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is introducing an exciting change to the Graduate Record
Exam (GRE®) in 2023. Prepare for the all-new Shorter GRE, which will be completed in less than
two hours, making it quicker, smarter, and more challenging than ever before!

Let’s dive into the details of this groundbreaking test update and how it can supercharge your
path to graduate success.

This Blog covers the following questions:-
  1. What is the shorter GRE?
  2. What are the new changes in GRE?
  3. Why there is a shorter GRE?
  4. What is the new GRE format 2023?
  5. What doesn't change on the shorter GRE?
  6. What is the difference between the current GRE and the new shorter GRE?
What is the shorter GRE?

Say good-bye to lengthy test sessions and hello to a quicker, more effective GRE experience!
Starting from September 22, 2023, ETS will roll out the Shorter GRE, slashing the test time by
half! Now, you can demonstrate your skills and potential in less than two hours, allowing you
more time to focus on what truly matters

What are the new changes in GRE?

Here is a full list of all the most important changes that will be made to the new, shorter GRE:

Change 1: Reduced Exam Duration:

The duration of the GRE General Test will be cut in half, from approximately 4 hours to
approximately 2 hours. This is a significant change intended to reduce test-taker fatigue and
improve their concentration.

Change 2: Elimination of the "Analyze an Argument" Task from the Analytical Writing Section

The Analytical Writing section will only consist of the "Analyse an Issue" task moving forward.
The “Analyze an Argument” task will be eliminated. This means that for the Analytical Writing
section, you will only be required to write one essay instead of two, sparing you time and

Change 3: Reduced Number of Questions

There will be fewer questions in the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections.
From 40 to 27, the precise number of questions per section will be reduced. Despite a reduction
in the number of questions, the average time available to respond to each question remains

Change 4: Removal of the Unscored Section

Currently, the GRE contains a section that is not assessed and is used for ETS research. This
section, which does not contribute to the test-taker's total, will be eliminated from the GRE's
shortened version.

Change 5: There are no scheduled breaks

Since the test duration will now be less than 2 hours, the 10-minute break presently scheduled
after the second hour will be eliminated. Those taking the GRE in a testing centre may take
unscheduled pauses, but the clock will continue to run unless they have been approved for a
test accommodation due to a disability or health-related need. No unscheduled pauses are
permitted for those who are testing at home.

Change 6: Faster Score Reporting

In just 8–10 days, test takers will be getting their official GRE results. This is an advance over the
current 10–15 calendar days. This will expedite the application process for applicants. This will
help applicants complete their applications quicker.

Why there is a shorter GRE?

Amit Sevak, chief executive officer of ETS, emphasises that the GRE modifications are aimed
towards enhancing the test-taker experience without compromising discipline and validity.
We're dedicated to ensuring a simpler, shorter, and more enjoyable test-taking journey.

What is the new GRE format 2023?
Section No. of Sections No. of Questions Time Limit
Analytical Writing 1 section 1 essay task 30 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning 2 sections 27 questions 47 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 2 sections 27 questions 41 mints
Total Time 1 hour 48 minutes
What doesn’t change on the shorter GRE?
  • Quantitative and Verbal sections on the new GRE will continue to be section-adaptive.
  • Graduate and professional programmes will continue to utilize the GRE as they have in the past.
  • The GRE examination fees will remain at 22,550.
  • The score scale on the new GRE test will remain the same
What is the difference between the current GRE and the new shorter GRE?
Section Current GRE New Shorter GRE
Analytical Writing tasks The essay part of the test consists of two parts:
1.”Analyse an Argument”
2.”Analyse an Issue”
(60 minutes total).
One essay task (30 minutes) – “Analyze an Issue” task only
Quantitative Reasoning questions 40 questions (70 minutes) 27 questions (47 minutes)
Verbal Reasoning questions 40 questions (70 minutes) 27 questions (47 minutes)
Scheduled Break 10-minute break after the 2nd hour No scheduled break
Total Test Time 3 hours, 45 minutes 1 hour, 58 minutes
To sum up,

Many test takers, particularly those who are in the middle of their test preparation, are confused by the new GRE exam changes. But, no matter where you are in your GRE journey, we at one window are always ripe for any changes. Book a free consultation with our counselor and find out the right GRE exam for you.

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