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Finding a right accommodation in abroad is not just piece of cake. You have to check every single detail before getting your perfect accommodation. Abroad could be very taxing and risky at the same time. But, if seen isn’t risk everywhere?
Getting a perfect accommodation could be overwhelming but with right knowledge and research you won’t have a lot on your plate to deal with. Many people tend to delay the accommodation part while dealing with visa or admission process and because of this you end up facing difficulties to find a right accommodation.
For Indian students the task difficulty increases as they need apartments, hostels with Indian students who are already staying. The mindset of staying with people of same country could look easy and fun but it could also stop you from exploring yourself and getting to know new people in the new country /city . You need to make yourself flexible enough to adjust with anyone and anywhere.
Besides, finding a right accommodation is the big question here. Don’t worry you are on the right article , we got you!

One of the most important factor of abroad is the living. There are so many variety of options available for a student to accommodate. Like studio apartments, hostels, pg’s , university housing, dorms or lofts.
Uni housing can be in campus or close to campus. If you want to save time and money university housing is a good option but, again university housing is based on first come first serve basis.
It’s also important to check basic factors and needs before finalizing the apartment. Afterall, this is a major decision which shouldn’t be made in hurry because you will be living,eating,studying,sleeping etc there. You have to make sure of lot of things before selecting your RIGHT accommodation.

Top 5 things to check before selecting your accommodation.

1. Rent :-
Most obvious and important factor to check among all. Make sure you check and research every apartment thoroughly with it’s cost of living and everything and choose the most reasonable one.
Rent also varies from city and area you decide to live and also depends on what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Like, studios and loft can cost you ton and basic apartments or hostels could be a cheap shot . You also need to decide how much you had like to spend on rent based on your monthly expense.

Check out :- They provide you with the cheapest rooms as per your requirements and the location you want.

2. Sharing apartments:-
sharing your apartment can cut down your rent to half. Isn’t that great? But, the catch is are you willing to share one? Like if you are okay sharing your apartment with 3-4 people you could live together and divide the monthly expenses among yourself. Many international students do that.

3. Location :-
Before renting an apartment make sure you check the neighbourhood safety. Just to save money, don’t risk your safety . lookout for places which are environment friendly. It’s better to choose an apartment which is nearby to the university.

Check out :-
They got the best customer feedback and is great in providing rooms which are affordable yet environment friendly.

4. Understanding lease/contract:-
Make sure you understand lease/contract before signing it . There are many fake / fraud sites and firms which may fool you into loosing your money. Check whether the contract includes wifi,cable, utilities etc. Before signing , visit the location once it will help you gain a view. Such requests are approved and they will give you viewing slip for your assigned unit.

5. Furnished or unfurnished apartment:-
to save your time and money, prefer furnished units to unfurnished one’s . As, you are already committed to course work and are in the process of integrating to a new environment, so try and avoid the extra burden of having to go shopping for furniture and utensils. Buying and assembling furniture can be expensive and time-consuming affair.

Just In case you have been allotted an unfurnished unit, contact your classmates or seniors to find out if anyone is selling used furniture for a reduced price. Most universities also have social media groups like “for free and for sale” where students put up everything from table lamps and books to beds and tables for sale. This is a good place to find a bargain for yourself.

Check out:-–R-wIV1H8rCh0HUgnOEAAYASAAEgLKoPD_BwE

Amberstudent are professional in their service, they are excellent in follow-ups’s and the prices are cheap and affordable.

These are the 5 things that should be checked before confirming the accommodation. Beware of the frauds and scammers to con you.

Basic checklist?

1. Check whether the house has everything you need for a while?
2. See if you are provided with internet / wifi connection?
3. Check if you are charged extra for any certain utilities etc.
4. Check if there is laundry service available.
5. Check if you have proper study desk to work and study.
6. Check if you are provided with kitchen utensils or not.
Finding accommodation could be challenging but with the right website and the right guidance you got it all covered.
Make sure you choose your apartment wisely after looking at all the points above mentioned. You have to keep in mind that you won’t always meet your expectations but make sure your basic needs are met.

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