Financial Award Policy

Financial Award Policy

Our company is committed to transparency and fairness in the financial award process for scholarships offered by universities. Scholarships are awarded directly by the universities to the students. As overseas education advisors, our role is to assist student facilitate the application process and provide guidance to students, but we do not have any involvement in the selection or distribution of scholarships.

Policy Objectives:

  • Ensure transparency in the scholarship allocation process.
  • Provide accurate information to students about available scholarships.
  • Facilitate the application process for scholarships.

Policy Details:

1. Application Assistance:
  • We will assist students in preparing and submitting scholarship applications to universities.
  • Our role is to provide guidance, review application materials, and ensure that applications are complete and submitted on time.
2. No Involvement in Selection:
  • Our company will not be involved in the selection process for scholarships. Selection decisions are solely made by the universities offering the scholarships.
  • We will not influence or interfere with the selection criteria or decisions made by universities.
3. Transparency:
  • We will clearly communicate to students that scholarship decisions are made by universities, and our role is advisory.
  • Any inquiries or concerns related to scholarship decisions should be directed to the respective university’s scholarship office.

Our financial award policy is designed to ensure that students receive accurate information and support in applying for scholarships while maintaining transparency and fairness in the scholarship allocation process. We are committed to providing clear communication and documentation to make this policy known and accessible to all stakeholders.

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