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Why HDFC Credila Offers the Most Viable Education Loans

HDFC credila education loan allow for individuals, at undergraduate as well as more advanced academic stages, to pursue their educational goals without having to stress about finances.

A trusted education loan provider such as HDFC Credilacan help you realise your dreams of studying overseas. With student loans from HDFC Credila, thousands of Indian students arepursuing 1800 courses in3400 academic institutes located across 50 countries.

Advantages on Offer

Read on to understand the advantages an education loan from HDFC Credila provides:

    • Sanction Letter before Admission – You can get a sanction letter for your education loan prior to being admitted to the academic institution of your choice. This makes for a great incentive, as your university may need to see proof of your ability to finance your education.
    • Tax Benefits – Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, 1961, there is no upper cap on the interest paid on an education loan*. A loan from HDFC Credila is advantageous, as it is the sole non-banking financial company in India to offer this attractive tax benefit. Know more about the applicable tax savings, by taking advantage of the tax calculator available on the HDFC Credila website.
    • All Expenses Covered – Beyond your tuition fees, you also need to account for your living expenses along with ancillary costs, such as travel expenses, purchasing a laptop etc. A student loan from HDFC Credila includes these expenses, thus taking away any possible stress around finances.
    • No Margin Money – What serves as perhaps the most pertinent aspect of academic loans brought forth by HDFC Credila is the fact that the loan does not require you to chip in any margin money, something a lot of other lenders mandate.
    • Transparency in Processing – As a parent, you might be concerned about who your child seeks to avail an education loan from. HDFC Credilais one of the most trusted entities operating within the realm of financial services. You need not worry about getting a loan from HDFC Credila, as here, the entire process is transparent and made clear from the get-go.
    • Ease of Application – Applying for an education loan has never been easier as you can submit an online application*. Furthermore, you can arrange to have a loan specialist visit your home to discuss the finer details of your loan.
    • Sense of Financial Responsibility – By taking on this loan, students develop a responsible attitude towards their finances, which leaves parents to focus on directing their hard-earned savings towards their own retirement along with planning for any contingencies.

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A student loan can enable you to attend the university of your dreams! and to start your career after you graduate. Have faith and do not be afraid to give yourself the opportunity that education loans provide you with. Offering a range of attractive features and benefits, a loan from HDFC Credila is an investment in your future!

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