Getting your visa approved is a long process. And the real struggles starts after your visa gets approved. You would have so much on your plate to deal with and you will be confused with so many questions rushing in your head. Like, where to start? How to start? What to do? Etc. There will be complete chaos in your mind.
The only solution is to “Divide and Plan”. Divide and categorize your work while keeping in mind that which should be addressed first and prioritize accordingly and then plan your strategy. Here are some things mentioned to do after your visa is approved.

Top 6 things to do after your visa is approved:-

Book your flight tickets:-
Get done with booking your flight tickets as soon as possible. As , the prices are always fluctuating. Delaying your tickets to the last is a bad option. So, pre-book your tickets early so that it can help you save a ton.

1. Accommodation:-
Finding a right accommodation abroad isn’t a piece of cake. If you need your comfort-satisfactory-home type accommodation you have to go an extra mile before you even reach there.
As easy going it seems it isn’t , you have to research,check,talk it out and fix. There are several type of accommodation you can check for like (studio apartments,hostels,PG’s,university housing,lofts)
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‘watch out for the fraud site’s which can con you into loosing your personal details and ton of amount’

2. Pay your tuition fee:- As your admission is confirmed , you have to pay some initial deposit or 1st installment to the university you chose. Delaying the fee payment could even mean your admission getting cancelled, a situation you would want to avoid at any cost.
How to pay your tuition fee online?
One of the biggest concerns for students aspiring to study in colleges and universities in the US, the UK, and Canada is how to pay their education fees and that too, on time. Universities in different countries accept various forms of payment. The process of payment varies from college to college.
Top 5 Methods to pay your fees abroad.
i. Bank transfer:- Paying your fees through bank is one of the best and safest option. By clearing your tuition fees through bank you would have proper invoices and fee receipts with you for any future references.
Bank transfers can be done via net banking or by visiting the nearest branch of your bank. You will be required to bring the beneficiary bank details of your college or university and the SWIFT code of that bank (SWIFT is a global messaging platform that facilitates international money transfers electronically).
ii.Payment platforms:-
Sometimes there are specific payment platforms for Universities worldwide which a students can use to clear their fees. Some of these platforms, have tie-ups with a few Indian banks.
If a student happen to use any of these platforms and transfer their tuition fees using the banks they would have a tie-up with the remittance tends to get processed faster.
iii. Demand draft:-
A cashier’s cheque, or demand draft, can also be a way to pay for your tuition fees abroad. You can visit your bank and ask them to issue a demand draft with the required amount in the name of your university. You can then mail it to your university to clear your fees.
iv.Credit Cards:-
Most of the universities accept payments through credit cards. Remember that this method may attract charges from your card issuing bank.
v.Forex cards:-
Another secure and safe way to pay your tuition fees is through a forex card. It’s a prepaid card that you can load money in a foreign currency.
They are globally accepted and it enables you to withdraw cash at foreign ATMs. They are way more convenient because you can use them to clear all your pending fees at your university or for any other purpose you require.
3. Open a bank account :-
Opening a bank account for your abroad studies can help you pay for your day-to-day expenses and they make other transactions like payment of fees, rent, etc. It’s better to make one from india itself to cut the load off from you.
4. Get your abroad sim card :-
It’s important to get a sim card of the country you are going to. If you want to avoid any international charges on your calling, get a sim card. Eg:- if you are going to Uk , research for the UK based companies which provide mobile service and sim cards.
5. Education loan:-
Last but not the least, the most important step is to apply for education loans . if it seems difficult to cover your expenses go for this option. You can also cover up this loan by doing part-time jobs there which are usually of high pay compared to india.

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