Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Greetings from One Window Overseas Education. We greatly value our students’ aspirations and are committed to providing top-notch service. Our refund policy is designed to be fair and transparent, considering the various costs incurred throughout the application and enrolment process. Below is a comprehensive overview of our refund policy, including company service charges:

Service Charges Refund Policy:
  • Service charges encompass the range of support and services we provide to guide students through the application and enrolment process.
  • Service charges are generally non-refundable, as they account for immediate administrative and support efforts initiated upon application.
  • However, we do make exceptions for specific circumstances, as detailed below.
Cases When Service Charges Can Be Refunded:

Service Commitment: If we, as One Window Overseas Education, are unable to fulfil specific service obligations that were explicitly outlined in the service agreement between the student and us.

  • Problematic Service Experience: If you encounter significant issues or problems with the services provided by One Window Overseas Education and these problems substantially affect your overall experience and ability to pursue your educational goals, we will thoroughly review the situation. However, few administrative costs associated with processing applications, document verification, and initial assessments will not be refunded keeping in mind the efforts of our team. We believe in rectifying any service-related challenges and, if necessary, consider refunding service charges to ensure your satisfaction.
Application Fees Refund Policy:

It’s important to note that application fees are paid directly by the student to the respective university or educational institution. One Window Overseas Education does not play any role in handling or facilitating the payment of application fees to the university. As a result, any inquiries or concerns related to the refund of application fees should be directed to the university’s admissions office, as they are responsible for processing these payments and addressing related matters.

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