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Many of us wish to study in other countries. The prospect of walking into a foreign university campus and experiencing a new country is both terrifying and thrilling. Many people have the opportunity to realise their dreams and achieve a lot, but other people never try. It’s difficult to make such a momentous decision, and these typical study abroad myths don’t help. We’ve refuted the most common ones to clear the air. Scroll down and debunk these common myths of studying abroad with us!

Studying abroad is just too expensive!

Study Abroad Education too Expensive

Whether you’re studying locally or across the globe, you can expect to spend a lot of money. Well, that is what most people think when they first come across the term “Studying Abroad.” The good news is that international education is growing more popular, and more financial aid options are becoming available, as well as countries that provide low-cost education. One of the most common misconceptions about studying abroad is that you must have a solid financial background.

Even though it may appear to be one of the most difficult aspects of studying abroad, many institutions now provide scholarships specifically for international students. It’s only a matter of scouting them out and signing up for them. Inquire about any additional scholarships that may be available from the foreign department of the university you desire to attend. Contact One Window now to know more about such financial aids and give your dreams the boost that they deserve.

Studying in a new country requires you to learn a new language

Study Abroad New Language

When it comes to foreign programmes, this fallacious myth is often cited as one of the most difficult aspects of studying abroad, but our study abroad statistics prove otherwise! You’re probably thinking of taking an English-taught course when you travel overseas. So, in most circumstances, learning the native language of the country (if it isn’t English) isn’t necessary.

Because most foreign colleges place a strong emphasis on attracting international students, English-taught programmes are becoming increasingly widespread. Having said that, even knowing a few basic phrases in the native language of that country can provide you with a far more real study abroad experience, allowing you to immerse yourself deeper in the culture and communicate with people more confidently.

You can’t study abroad if you are an introvert.

Study Abroad Introvert

It will motivate you to open up if you are an introvert. Communication skills will improve as a result of meeting strangers and developing friends.

It has nothing to do with being an introvert when it comes to studying abroad. It’s not even close to being handicapped. When it comes to interacting, introverts are quite capable. Many people, especially when they travel overseas, become extroverts in no time.

Studying abroad is a free pass to party hard in a foreign country!

Study Abroad Myths Party

It all comes down to studying, learning, and honing vital abilities. Without a doubt, some students regard studying abroad as a holiday, to party, drink, and hook up with other students. Some programmes are more akin to glorified holidays, transporting busloads of international students from one attraction to the next. But times have changed, and studying abroad has become so much more. It broadens one’s horizons while also providing a plethora of personal and professional changes. While it should be enjoyable, it is also a serious undertaking that will test pupils on a personal level and affect their academic careers. Studying abroad entails enrolling in classes, preferably given by local academics on topics that are relevant to the area — and, if feasible, in the local language.

Students will study various educational systems and instructional methods. Once they’ve had an opportunity to see things from a different perspective, they’ll find themselves questioning their opinions and notions. Students will learn to respect diverse cultures and solve challenges in an environment that is different from their own.

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Studying abroad is not safe anymore.

Study Abroad Myths Safety

Well, have you ever been the street and out of nowhere seen people tripping over, walking in your drawing room where you have been forever and still getting your feet to get hit by the leg of the sofa, well I have and trust me when I say this, no place is safe if that is something you are afraid of? It’s a big bad world out there and you have to step out and face it.

Don’t allow that to keep you from discovering a whole new world and gaining access to a wealth of information.

Employers don’t pay much attention to whether you had studied abroad or not.

Study Abroad Myths Employers

Studying abroad can help you develop some of the most employable skills.
Employers are increasingly looking for personnel that are culturally aware and can communicate in another language. Of course, there are many ways to acquire these skills, but studying abroad will allow you to not only improve in these areas, but also to gain marketable international qualifications, demonstrate your ability to work with a diverse range of people, and demonstrate that you dare to move to a new location and challenge yourself.

However, you cannot simply state on your CV that you “study overseas.” You must demonstrate and market yourself to potential employers, outlining what you learned, how the experience made you a better person, and how this would affect the ideas you have for a new career.

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